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‘ Down Under Blues . The Girls From Oz, a colourful and talented vocal harmony group of ‘Sheilas’ promoting their show ‘Because, Because, Because, Because, Because‘, currently showing at The Space Theatre on the Isle of Dogs, London’ - The Daily Telegraph, 15th Aug 2018

Down Under Blues. The Girls From Oz, a colourful and talented vocal harmony group of ‘Sheilas’ promoting their show ‘Because, Because, Because, Because, Because‘, currently showing at The Space Theatre on the Isle of Dogs, London’ - The Daily Telegraph, 15th Aug 2018

We can wholeheartedly endorse the Girls From Oz. This multi-talented trio captivated the audience and provided a varied and interesting programme of music from a variety of genres. We can’t wait to have you back!
— Sandra, Jazz At The Ivy Room
Saw this show last night and just loved it! It’s sassy, funny and very entertaining. The girls have amazing voices and wonderful harmonies. They put their own twist on popular Aussie songs. Left the show with the girls leading a “conga” feeling very happy. They were backed by brilliant musicians. If you wanna feel happy... Go See!!!
— Fi Brown via
Really appreciated this show , made me smile throughout . Good vocals and the 3 ladies interacted well with both themselves and audience. Location excellent venue. Well worth seeing.
— Neil Atkinson via
I was lucky enough to catch these 3 gorgeous Aussies in their London preview and I’m SO glad I did!!! They were absolutely glorious from start to finish!! The show is beautifully put together with its stunning arrangements, incredible vocals, and hilarious stories, all complimented perfectly by the brilliant live band - I didn’t want it to end!! Catch this amazing, witty and heart-warming show while you can!!!!!
— Ceris Hine via
Fantastic show, as an Aussie I could really relate to the material and it reminded me of home, however even non-Australians were able to enjoy and have a right old laugh. Well balanced mix of singing, speaking and jokes, some really funny moments and some hair-raisingly beautiful singing. Would highly recommend for a dose of the land down under.

— Juliet Morelli via
I didn’t like this show ... I LOVED it!! What a fabulous evening’s entertainment: gorgeous singers, great voices, harmonies to die for, brilliant band ... and funny ... naughty, saucy, mischievously funny! Also, surprisingly moving in places. Go see it, you’ll leave with a big smile on your face (and maybe a tear in your eye!). Seen at The Other Palace Theatre, London.

— Andy Hawthorne via
The Times.jpeg
Thoroughly enjoyed watching The girls at The other palace. It was a combination of great singing with some really funny moments, the outfits are great as well. Loved every minute of it, and would highly recommend anyone to go see their show.
— Karen Baker via
I saw this show at their London Preview at The Other Palace Theatre. It’s was fabulous, witty, great comedic timing along with some great harmonies. The girls voices are amazing. A really brilliant take on some classic Aussie tracks to boot. Definitely one to see at the fringe. Can’t wait to see them again.
— Annette Naughton via
I caught this show at its preview in London , it was sassy, fun and showed off the amazing vocal performances and wonderful harmonies lending a new twist to some favourite songs ! I highly recommend this if you are visiting the fringe this year. Vibrant talented women doing what they love and sharing that vibe.
— Helen Reed via
I saw this awesome show at The Other Palace Theatre in London. It’s an absolute must see at Edinburgh Fringe. With a really entertaining twist on the songs from ‘down under,’ amazing vocals and comedic timing, what’s not to like? You won’t be disappointed!
— Kim Kariel via
I saw the Girls the other evening at the Other Palace theatre in London.The show was BRILLIANT. I didn’t really know what to expect but the girls were amazing.The show was snappy witty and fun complimented with awesome voices and superb harmonies.The show is a must go and see. Loved it and can’t wait to see them again.
— Matthew Stirling via
Fringe Review.jpeg
Really great show, would thoroughly recommend seeing The Girls From Oz! Their voices and harmonies are amazing! Fun, fab and sexy take on some great ozzie classics. Really pleased I went!

— Lisa Goldstein via audience feedback at
Outrageous! Aussie songs, including Waltzing Matilda (of course), Down Under and I Should Be So Lucky, performed like you’ve never heard before. All the songs especially arranged to be almost unrecognisable, and performed with verve and self-mocking sassiness by three highly skilled singer-performers. A great mixture of talent, wit and fun. I was just sorry they didn’t include the glorious Aussie national anthem. Perfect for an entertaining, and different, night out.
— Patsy Trench via audience feedback at
The Girls From Oz was a wonderful support to our evening. Everyone I spoke to loved and appreciated your presentation. It was quite special and a nice reminder of home for those of us living on the other side of the world.
— Simon Kleinig (President of LONDON LEGACY at Australia House)
Great show! Humorous and very talented singers. Highly recommend!
— Kate via audience feedback at
This is an act not to be missed!!! Great selection of songs chosen for this Ozzy themed performance by four extremely talented entertainers. An evening with these four ladies results in an evening of fun, laughter and amusement. I came away from this performance with a smile on my face.

— Marvin Godfrey via audience feedback at
Sunday Show Tunes.jpeg
Some very talented Aussie Chicks
— Jason Donovan via Twitter
I saw the Girls from Oz perform their show at Crazy Coqs in London and it was absolutely fantastic! Their voices blend beautifully together, the music is so varied...they perform unusual arrangements of well known Aussie classics. It is completely unique, an eclectic mix of musical genres and cheeky banter which make for a very entertaining evening. There are even some surprises thrown in too! This is a show like no other, not to be missed.
— Nicholas Maude via Crazy Coqs website
I saw these Three gorgeous “Gals” in london last week and i’ve already booked to see them at the fringe. The outfits are divine the comedy hilarious and their singing is extraordinary. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining evening.
— Richard Colvin via audience feedback at
These Gorgeous Aussie Gals are an absolute MUST SEE! Lots of laughs, fabulous musical arrangements, genius song choices and vocals that will take your breath away. Book now!!
— Sophie Caton via audience feedback at
Really lovely evening with the fantastic Aussie Vintage Group. Great show, fab material and a really lovely atmosphere!
— Perth Mint event

As feisty a female trio as you’ll see on stage, emerging in vibrant shimmering green
costumes like three manic mermaids, with naughty twinkles in their eyes and a steely
determination to entertain. London-based and all professionally trained in musical
theatre they’re not so much Bond girls as Bondi beach babes.
Definitely appreciating the musical theatre, cabaret, jazz training expertise and talent the
ladies show and their voices work perfectly together while each of them also shone
during their solo performance.
Expect a mini celebration of Australia Day packed with cans of fosters and glasses of
wine, the classiest version of Land Down Under you’ll ever hear, an ode to vegemite,
and a few cheeky one-liners; “The best guys are like coffee. They are rich, warm, and
keep you up all night.
— West End Wilma
Such is the strength of the working relationship between Kara Lane, Sally White and
Ashleigh Fleming, together with their pianist, Karen Newby, and the pitch-perfect
harmonies between them, that there is little to be gained in appraising them individually.
They are so tightly knitted – metaphorically speaking, of course – and looked and
behaved as though one entity. Scrap that: they simply were one entity. There was also a
bagpipe player, whose name I couldn’t quite catch, for the very best of reasons: the
sheer level of cheering and applause drowned out both of Lane’s introductions for him.
There’s a considerable attempt at asserting that not all Australians are loutish and
anti-social, mostly in letting the songs speak, as it were, for themselves. It gets a little risqué at times, but the show is always tasteful, always pleasant, never in the slightest
uncomfortable. Aside from the aforementioned ‘Advance Australia Fair’ (which doesn’t
feature in this show), my own knowledge of Australian music is very basic – or at least it
was. Before the show it stretched only to the odd popular music tune made famous by
Tina Arena, and the numbers in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical – and some
of those songs aren’t Australian. I never felt left behind though, even when more
knowledgeable people in the audience chortled and smiled as another song began, and
the show proved a useful introduction to certain artists I had never (knowingly) come
across before.
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